Thursday, December 30, 2010

A lot to be Thankful for

Now that Christmas has also come and gone, it's time to reflect back on Thanksgiving (or let Mommy catch up with what we have been doing!) We spent Turkey Day with our good friends, Rich, Laura & new baby Owen Miller in Charlottesville, VA. Thanks to Laura's parents for loaning us their house while they were out of town- we had lots of room plus amazing views of the Blue Ridge Mountains. Eleanor and Emerson loved to cuddle on Dr. Martof's (Laura's daddy) comfy chair to watch TV.
It is still difficult to get us both to look the same direction and smile at the same time.
We went for a nice walk where Eleanor found her favorite thing to collect- a stick!
And second favorite thing- leaves!
Check out our view of the mountains!
Little Miss Diva, back inside the warm house, showing off her fall outfit
Thanks, Mr. Rich, for taking our family picture where we are actually all looking (at least, I think Emerson is looking at the camera)
Emerson and Owen are only 3 months apart and we hope they become good buddies when they get older, like Nakia & Rich are
Owen was showing Emerson how he is starting to figure out crawling, while Emerson was very angry about tummy time
Hi Owen!! We had a great time getting to know you!
Mommy is having trouble turning this picture but you have to see what Emerson's shirt says
Close-up on super-cute Emerson
Mommy and her beautiful children
We also went to the play area at ACAC (where Mommy used to work, as Eleanor kept saying) to see Lisa Little and her three girls. Gracie is a little Mommy and enjoyed holding Emerson (although he can be heavy!)
Maggie is also a great little Mommy and takes good care of her sister, Gigi.
I see a great babysitter in the future!
Gigi even gave Emerson kisses- I think she was trying to tell Lisa that she would like a baby brother/sister, but Lisa said no.
Gracie and Eleanor had fun playing together and we always look forward to the next time we see them!

Friday, December 10, 2010

Cuddling on the Couch

I feel so blessed to have two beautiful, healthy children who love to be around each other.
Eleanor has lots of hugs for her brother
Smiles for both
They even have matching serious faces

Bed Buddies

One of my favorite times of day is when Eleanor crawls into our bed (as long as it is after 7 am!) and wants to cuddle with Emerson
She loves to hold his hand
He loves her so much!
I hope these times never end!

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Many faces of Emerson

As he gets bigger & older, the facial expressions keep entertaining us.
That is the picture of one content little boy
Not sure how happy he was about this one, but I had to show off his skinny jeans outfit!
We are starting to see smiles!
And frowns
Pure joy
"I've had enough, Mommy"
Oh, look at the camera, got it!
I think I am getting the hang of posing
Happy boy!

Friday, December 3, 2010

Fall Festival Fun

To celebrate the beautiful season of fall, we attended a couple of festivals around the area. The Baxter Fall Festival provided us with lots of goodies & fun play! First we needed a good lunch (while watching football, of course) at Beef O'Brady's. Daddy & Emerson were checking out the scores and looking handsome together.
Eleanor got this cool penguin balloon!
Eleanor needed to take a picture of Mommy with Penguin
It looks like Emerson is waving for the camera!
I am sure that her mouth is full of yummy food here.
The music, crowds, & warm coat made it easy for Emerson to fall asleep.
The next day we went to a Chocolate Festival in Rock Hill- yes, chocolate :) Eleanor is showing off her mini red velvet cupcake here- so yummy!
There was a chocolate fountain and all Eleanor wanted was a strawberry and marshmallow with no chocolate. Mommy & Emerson enjoyed the chocolate-covered goodies!

Sibling Love

Emerson is so happy to have a great big sister!
Even though she says he is too heavy to hold, she doesn't mind giving him a place to lay his head (plus she likes to play with his ears)
This may look like a headlock, but it's a hug from a loving big sister!
We all love cuddle time with Mommy!