Thursday, October 14, 2010

Emerson- 1 month old

I am a growing boy, weighing in at 12 lbs, 1 oz and 23 inches in length.
Touchdown! This is my favorite sleeping position so I am no longer in a swaddle at night. My arms wanted out and my feet soon followed.
When I am awake, I am alert and happy!
I am good at tolerating my sister's constant touching and talking to me
Soon, I will be talking back to her

 Here is my attempt at talking to her:

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Hi, Ho, Hi, Ho, It's off to the Zoo we go!

The best thing about Riverbanks Zoo in Columbia is that it is only about an hour away, plus thanks to Grandpa & MaGa Gette, we have a membership so it's free! I always enjoy posing for pictures on all the animals!
Soon, I will be too big for this little dinosaur!
The penguins were the first stop and one of my favorites
Emerson was thrilled about his first trip to the zoo (I know his face doesn't show it)
This lizard is the perfect size for me to show my length
The orangutan is BIG so all of us can climb on him- Emerson will soon be climbing with me!
Thanks to godmother Erin for this great sticker that says I am an Awesome Big Sister!
While getting ready for bed that night, I read a story to Emerson
I bet he is going to love Thomas and books as much I do!

Our Princess & Prince

At my friend, Chloe's, birthday party, I got to dress up like a princess and go to a tea party.
Here's some princess jewelry we made
We even got our hair sprayed with our favorite color
Of course, I picked pink!
Emerson was the only boy there so he was a prince!
It was tiring to charm all the ladies!
It is easier to hold my brother with the boppy
We have some conversations already
Showing off my "cool" clothes

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Day Out with Thomas

All dressed up & ready to see Thomas!
The North Carolina Transportation Museum has some cool old trains to explore
But my favorite engine is Thomas!
Daddy, Emerson & I were on-board and ready to ride
Look at all the neat stuff out the window
I think Thomas' magnet can stick here
Emerson enjoyed the ride too!
"Emerson, I can't wait to teach you all about Thomas & his friends"
"I will even share my train conductor hat with you"
Maybe one day I can be a train conductor
It's always fun to play on other tracks
Along for the ride
Mommy and me got to ride a real turntable!
Hold on tight while it's moving!
Walking on the rails is like walking on a balance beam
The Thomas slide is always fun
Thomas and I are best buddies
Daddy was surprised that I beat him out of the hay maze
The day wouldn't be complete without a Thomas tattoo!