Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Something new for Eleanor

Eleanor is taking a ballet/tap class at the YMCA this year and I think she is the cutest ballerina!
Her good friend, Campbell, is also in the class
Get a nice stretch, Eleanor
Looks like 1st position
Emerson wanted to dance too!
She's a bird!
The skirt helps her twirl and spin
A great big sister and friend who love Emerson
A celebratory dinner at Cici's pizza after class- these three love their cartoons!

Friday, November 25, 2011

What?! Another party?

It's his birthday party so he can sit on the table if he wants to- Grandma Teresa will make sure he doesn't fall off
A little muffin snack prior to another birthday cupcake
2-month-old cousin Ryder made it for the party!!
The cute girls have their own table- cousin Memphis & neighbor Campbell with Eleanor
It looks like they are all ready for the cupcakes!
Checking out the flame...
and scared to tears of it!
Emerson was easily consoled by the cupcake
Neighbor Maggie loved the cupcake too
Ryder wishes he could have some!
Apparently, all the kids make too much noise for Emerson
I can see that they are related- love our boys!
Emerson had to be protective of his gifts by climbing on top of them
"It's his party and he can cry if he wants to"
Thanks Aunt Heidi, Uncle Andre, cousins Memphis & Ryder for making it to celebrate Emerson's special day! It will be Ryder's turn in no time!
Our great friends, Laura & Rich, also Emerson's godfather, made the longer trip with their son, Owen, and we were so happy to have them!
Once Owen woke up, he got to enjoy the party! He is a sweet little boy and we look forward to a great friendship for Emerson!
The birthday boy got a solo picture with Mommy & Daddy (because big sister, Eleanor didn't feel like taking a picture)
Thanks Grandma Teresa & Grand Daddy Pope for making the party as well! We wish we could see you more often- Grandma Teresa wants to teach the kids so much!

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Emerson's birthday fun continues...

After the busy morning playdate, Emerson had no problem going down for nap- somedays  I really just enjoy holding him a little longer before I put him in his crib.
Then, he was up and happy to pull himself up on the chair. No walking yet, but gets around quickly by crawling.
We decided to take the Birthday boy to IHOP for his birthday dinner/breakfast, plus kids eat free! 
Before we went there, a quick stop to pick up Nakia at his office caught Eleanor and Emerson in a sweet sibling moment
That looks says, "Don't worry, Mommy. I will finish all this and more- keep it coming!"
The birthday boy get a happy surprise- ice cream sundae!
I think he loves the whip cream the most! We are so blessed with our sweet little boy.

Monday, November 14, 2011

Sibling fun & cuteness

On a gorgeous September day, Eleanor & Emerson have lots of fun in the sand & water table
Emerson had too much fun and started eating the sand
Mommy telling him "No" makes him smile & laugh
Another wonderful weather day meant bubbles for our two bubbly kids (I think Emerson tried to eat those also)
Even playing on the kitchen floor is fun and cute with these two! (Sorry for the sideways picture)

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Emerson's birthday playdate

It was finally Emerson's time to turn 1! I borrowed the decorations from Carter's mom and personalized them with pictures of our sweet boy 
Our big 1 year old in his personalized lion shirt- Roar!
A whole plate of Emerson's handsome face- they were delicious!
Sawyer came to celebrate the big day
Charlie was happy to be there for his best buddy too
Carter wanted to play ball
Standing & walking Kiersten enjoyed being the only girl there
Emerson & Charlie communicating & sharing their toys
Smiling Liam will be the last one to turn 1 in the group
What a mess a few little people can make!
Emerson was not crazy about wearing the hat
But he sure did get excited about his cupcake!
"Are you all singing to me?"
"Mommy, I am not sure about the fire though"
"Yummy, let's see how this tastes?!"
It's amazing what Moms shaking maracas can get the kids to do- they are all looking, except for Emerson trying to escape
I think he is claiming this toy- apparently climbing on the box is more fun than the toy itself
A beautiful book called The Tickle Tree- thanks, Liam!
Thanks everyone for celebrating my special day with me!
I had a blast with the mirrored card!