Sunday, November 13, 2011

Emerson's birthday playdate

It was finally Emerson's time to turn 1! I borrowed the decorations from Carter's mom and personalized them with pictures of our sweet boy 
Our big 1 year old in his personalized lion shirt- Roar!
A whole plate of Emerson's handsome face- they were delicious!
Sawyer came to celebrate the big day
Charlie was happy to be there for his best buddy too
Carter wanted to play ball
Standing & walking Kiersten enjoyed being the only girl there
Emerson & Charlie communicating & sharing their toys
Smiling Liam will be the last one to turn 1 in the group
What a mess a few little people can make!
Emerson was not crazy about wearing the hat
But he sure did get excited about his cupcake!
"Are you all singing to me?"
"Mommy, I am not sure about the fire though"
"Yummy, let's see how this tastes?!"
It's amazing what Moms shaking maracas can get the kids to do- they are all looking, except for Emerson trying to escape
I think he is claiming this toy- apparently climbing on the box is more fun than the toy itself
A beautiful book called The Tickle Tree- thanks, Liam!
Thanks everyone for celebrating my special day with me!
I had a blast with the mirrored card!

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