Wednesday, June 29, 2011

And now it's time for...

Eleanor's actual birth-DAY (April 10)!
Eleanor was a little sad that Daddy was out of town for her special day- even a heart & star shaped pancake didn't help!
But a present put a smile on her face!
She loves the movie Tangled!
We planted some new flowers- Senator Roses
Both kids enjoy a few games on the computer
Then, we were off to Glencairn Gardens for more Come See Me festivities- Maggie & Emerson got to share a stroller and they were very happy about it
Eleanor is a great big sister and enjoys giving her brother hugs
Making a birthday wish on the dandelion
We also got to see her friend Ellery 
My beautiful girl gives great smiles
The sun shines on the birthday girl
It was a gorgeous day for a walk through the park with a good friend
Check out the cute pink butterfly
Poor Emerson was getting sleepy but we tried for a nice picture with the blooming flowers
I was trying to re-create a picture of Eleanor standing at this same fountain when she was 1 yr old- time has flown, but it is so much fun!
Our sweet girl loves bugs and let this inchworm crawl on her 
She chose Moe's for her birthday dinner & we were happy that Martha, Robbie, Campbell & Maggie could join us!
I am a proud and happy mother of my amazing daughter, Eleanor
Of course, a birthday would not be complete without a treat- ice cream cone with sprinkles from Marble Slab!
Obviously she had a fun, exhausting day!

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

We love the Come See Me Festival!

Eleanor and Kaitlyn were thrilled that the Come See Me Festival was going on- they got to do sidewalk chalk on Main Street
We always make sure to get our picture taken with Glen the Frog too
We left Eleanor's chalk body outline
And of course, she had to have a tattoo
Before we left, we also found Glenda the Frog (Glen's wife)
Saturday morning is parade time- our friends, Spencer & Jackson, were there to check it out
So excited that she could barely sit down!
Spencer & Jackson's mommy, Mandi, helped Emerson get a good view of the floats
Eleanor and Campbell thought the Shriners' go-carts were too loud 
Emerson was sleepy but had so much he wanted to see
Robbie, Martha, Campbell & Maggie joined us at Cherry Park to check out the food & rides
Maggie & Emerson were too tired to care about the food & rides
These two best buddies were eager to ride the helicopters together
I think Eleanor took control of the steering, but Campbell was good at sharing.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Happy Birthday to Eleanor!

The fun part of having your birthday on a Sunday (April 10th) is that you get to celebrate it at school on the Friday before!! Thanks to our friend, Kaitlyn, for letting us borrow the adorable shirt!
Eleanor was able to pick out her crown and all her friends put stickers picked out just for her- Rose & Delaney D. were excited to celebrate Eleanor's big day
Emerson got to join in the fun too
Eleanor's wonderful teacher, Ms. Chamberlain, had everyone sing happy birthday and then she showed us how old she was turning- 4!
She chose Princess and the Frog cupcakes for the girls
Cupcake time is their favorite time
I think Emerson was a little upset that he couldn't have one- all that drool is thanks to his first teeth coming through!
Mommy likes to capture every moment
Such a careful eater to avoid getting frosting on her nose
A rare family picture!! Those tables and chairs sure are low to the ground

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

7 months old & Yard work

Time really does fly when you are having fun!! It is hard to believe that our baby boy turned 7 months! His smile and laugh light up our days.
Of course, our first baby charms us with her smile and sweet demeanor too!
It sure is hard to photograph these two together- eyes closed and looking elsewhere- it usually takes 3-4 takes. 
We wanted to show off Daddy's handiwork on a retaining wall for our flower bed- way to go, Daddy!!
With Eleanor's help behind the camera, Emerson gives us great smiles!
And on a bright, sunny day, we get cute squished-nose smiles