Saturday, January 30, 2010

Christmas Recap with video

Waking up Christmas morning was so exciting- Santa had left me some cool presents under the tree! Here's what happened to our cookies & milk we left for him:

First, I found this awesome grocery cart
There are some great food choices in it
I was in no hurry to open my presents- I could even wait until after breakfast:

Next, I found a cool train set with animals:

I also got these awesome blocks to go with some I already have- it's so much fun to build towers with them!
Mommy helped me open a new Thomas DVD, which has become one of my favorites!
Opening my stocking has to be the most fun since there are so many different things in there!

One of the things that I asked for the most was Ming Ming from the Wonder Pets and I was very grateful to get her:

My second request was for a Mater from Cars, which I couldn't contain my excitement over getting it :)

Thanks to MaGa and Grandpa for the Cars sunglasses, which make me look really cool:
Later that day, Memphis came to visit and I helped her open her present from us
Then, she helped me open my present from them
which included some cool bath paint/soap:
Grand Daddy was there too and he brought a very cool gift...
...My first bike!
Uncle Andre was checking out my new Gingerbread man. Thanks for coming, Uncle Andre, Aunt Heidi, Cousin Memphis & Grand Daddy to share our Christmas lasagna! It was a wonderful holiday!

Monday, January 25, 2010

Christmas Eve Recap- 1 month later

Since we had some snow/ice on the ground recently, it put Mommy in the mood to catch up on some old blog posts. Sorry again for the long delay, but we have to share our Christmas fun with you!

Thanks to our neighbors, Sherry & Steve, who gave me a cute doggy with his own bag, who I named Smoky, after one of their dogs.
I loved checking out the nativity scene at church, especially the camel.
Our tradition is to open one gift on Christmas Eve, so check out what I got:
Mommy is excited about my Thomas book
It has a lot of fun flaps to open & close
Daddy read me one of the other Thomas books I also got- can you tell that I love Thomas?!
I am even watching a Thomas video here as I wait for Mommy to finish cooking our traditional Spaetzle & Meatball dinner
Before bedtime, I wrote Santa a little note about how good I have been this year.
I think he will enjoy our homemade chocolate chip cookies!
Here's what I woke up to on Christmas morning!

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Musical talents

One of my favorite Christmas presents was this guitar. Mommy & Daddy enjoy it too because it plays real songs and doesn't just make noise :) Daddy tries to join in and play his air guitar but it doesn't sound as good as mine:

If I don't have an instrument, no problem! I can create what I want with anything in the kitchen. Bowls and a spoon make great drums:

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Tower building with Mr. Rich

Rich & Laura Miller came down from Charlottesville, VA for a visit. I had a great time building things with Rich, especially this great block tower. We are also very excited for them to welcome their first little one in June! Congrats you two and thanks for coming to see us!

Friday, January 1, 2010

Fun with Christmas food

One of Mommy's favorite things to do for the holidays is to make MaGa's Molasses cookies. And I have to say that I love eating them, although Gingerbread Man cookies were my top choice. It was fun to help Mommy cut out the shapes for the gingerbread. I hope we continue the tradition next year and make more of both of these cookies!

I was lucky one morning as Mommy made me shaped pancakes. They were delicious and so cute!
We now have a star for the top of our tree forever! Mommy & I had to get on a chair to reach it!