Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Pumpkin Picking

Every year, I go to the Woodlands United Methodist church to pick out some pumpkins. I'm always on a mission to find a "cute, little baby" one. How's this one?
I'm not going to let go of it so that I make sure it comes home with me.
But, maybe one of these other ones would be better...
Don't I have a "cheesy" smile? It's hard to keep my eyes open when my smile is so big!
Here is a star shaped one- pretty cool, huh?
I think we did pretty well for taking this picture ourselves:
Time to pose with all of our pumpkin friends
Daddy joined me in the fun- see the awesome jack-o-lantern my Mommy carved?

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Texas & Aunt Leanna's 30th birthday

So, now that it's been almost a month since I went to Texas, I thought it would be nice to show you some pictures from it. It went too fast as always, but I had a great time!

I took lots of books for the plane ride since this was the first time with my very own seat! I enjoyed it, but Mommy says it would have been better if I didn't wait until 30 minutes before we landed to take a nap (on a 2 hour flight!).
Cousin Mikayla came from Baltimore with my Aunt Jen (plus baby Barry in her belly, yes, it's going to be a BOY & Barry was Cherry, named by Mikayla- Grandpa Gette is thrilled to have a boy on the way!) We helped Grandma Gette, aka MaGa, make cupcakes for Aunt Leanna's class. They turned out so good, although I only like to eat the cake, not the frosting, & Mikayla was eating the batter!
We celebrated Aunt Leanna's birthday dinner at a mexican restaurant, of course, and we entertained the people below us.
I'm getting really good at taking pictures now, plus Uncle Bobby & Aunt Leanna are just too cute!
Cool hat, Aunt Leanna!
How does it look on me?
What a bunch of pretty ladies!
This was after my fist bump and blow it up
I love my cousin Mikayla!
Mommy invited our Dallas area friends to meet us at Crystal's Pizza where she used to go when she was a kid. Ainsley and I had a blast on the mini carousel (although you wouldn't think it by my face!)
Aunt Leanna sure does look good with baby Amelia in her arms!
Cousin Katylyn and I had a blast watching a magician (again, my face just indicates that I had no nap on this day)
Grandparents and a strawberry ice cream cone works great to lift your spirits
It was hard fun to hug with Grandpa
I thought if I held onto Mikayla that she wouldn't have to leave me

Friday, October 23, 2009

Time keeps flying!

This is mainly my mommy's post to say that she is sorry for the lack of updates on my life. Time just keeps getting away from her- she wishes we could have 30 hours in the day instead of 24 and then maybe more would get done!! Life has been crazy and fun here, so we'll give you some updates and adorable pictures to prove it.

I am now 2 1/2 years old! I can carry on a complete conversation with you about fire drills, George's curious adventures, why these shoes match and not the ones Mommy wants me to wear, etc.. (Thanks to Mommy's friend, Emily & her daughter, Ayla, for these beautiful clothes & shoes!!)Taking the train to uptown Charlotte for library storytime with my friend, Anders
Don't I look cozy?
Have you seen my new apron & hat? I am ready to bake!
My favorite music right now is the Curious George soundtrack, by Jack Johnson, and luckily, Mommy & Daddy love it too!!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009


..lots of cuteness in a bath tub is coming your way!

When cousin Memphis came to visit a few weeks back, we went to a BBQ festival that Uncle Andre was judging, so obviously we needed a bath after the good food and fun outside!
Here I am checking out my silly cousin who was having a blast in the water:
Then, I decided to help wash her hair
But I instantly put on my innocent face to say that I didn't do it!
There was no denying this tackle, I mean, hug, I was giving her in the kitchen!

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Music & Rides!

Check out my new Thomas drum!

Roller coaster?

Messy, messy ice pop

"It's all in there!"

"Like a doggy bone"