Thursday, January 27, 2011

ChristmasVille, Part 2

I can't believe it's almost the end of January and I am just updating you on the beginning of December still :( I guess having two kids has taken a toll on my free time and energy! I vow to get at least one post up each week for the next month- aiming low so I can feel accomplished when I can do more. ChristmasVille was full of activities, including an awesome rides/games area, where Mommy & Eleanor went on a carousel
Eleanor made Mommy very proud with her swinging skills
Daddy gave some guidance & direction, but Eleanor was a natural
Swinging for the seats!
Such concentration- Mommy is hoping for a softball player in her in the future..
Emerson just tried to stay warm and cozy
While Eleanor had the best seat in the house
There was even fake "snow" to play in so Eleanor started a snowball fight with Daddy
Eleanor's friend, Kaitlyn, joined her to meet Charlie Brown- plus check out Eleanor's mermaid balloon (courtesy of Pickles Da Clown)
Of course, ChristmasVille would not be complete without a visit with jolly old Santa Claus- plus Mrs. Claus is always with him too! Eleanor's face shows her excitement!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Happy Anniversary!!

Since our wedding pictures are too old to be digital :), here are a few good ones over the past years to tell my wonderful husband and amazing father, happy 9th anniversary!! I have enjoyed every minute of our time together and look forward to much more! Here you are grinning from ear to ear getting ready to welcome our baby boy into the world!
July 2008- Celebrating my sister, Leanna & brother-in-law, Bobby's wedding in Key West. It's amazing what sun and fun does to us- we look so tan & happy!
Now that we have a little photographer in Eleanor, we can get some nice shots together- Summer 2010 with Emerson in my belly
August 2010- Relaxing with about a week left before Emerson's arrival. Wherever the road takes us, I look forward to traveling it with you, Nakia. Love and lveo you! Sarah :)

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

ChristmasVille 2010

Rock Hill has an annual festival called ChristmasVille that is so much fun- it is even listed in the Southern Living magazine! It kicks off with a parade & although it is COLD, it is enjoyable, especially from Daddy's shoulders.
Plus, it helps to have a nice warm blanket.
Emerson kept warm in his "A Christmas Story"-like outfit
Thanks to our neighbor, Robbie Compton with Campbell& Maggie, for braving the cold with us!
Check out the cool hat I made at the library!
Plus, I got my favorite thing, a gingerbread man, painted on my face.
Emerson is trying to keep warm
Goofy smile for Santa's storytime
Daddy and I were paying close attention to the story
A failed attempt at a family picture, but cool antlers on Eleanor