Thursday, March 31, 2011

Christmas Eve in Rock Hill

The Christmas Eve children's mass at our church is VERY well-attended. Until we build a new church, it will be packed. Thanks to our wonderful Daddy for helping save us some seats! It also gave us the opportunity to see friends like Kaitlyn.
And sweet baby Allison
Plus, her big sister Katie, who is "curious" (like George) with Eleanor to explore the manger
Emerson got tired during his first Christmas mass but took the opportunity to go #2, right in the middle of the readings
I think he is telling me to "Just put me to bed!" here- he couldn't wait to see what Santa brought him!
With everyone in Rock Hill this year (sister Jen & family, sister Leanna & husband, plus Mom & Dad Gette) the space under the Christmas tree was scarce! It makes me happy though
Stockings for all the kids- Emerson, Eleanor,  Landon & Mikayla (I think the 5th one is for me- thanks Nakia!!)
I enjoyed getting stockings with their names on them this year. Maybe next year, Mommy & Daddy will have some too!

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Our little monkeys

Whew, where did March go?? In like a Lion, out like a lamb or is that April? Either way, I am attempting to get caught up- considering I haven't even posted pics from Christmas!! I do have to say that the poor second child is not getting his fair share of pictures. But he is getting lots of love and attention, which take away time from the blog, so that is my excuse :) 
Our sweet, blue-eyed monkey
A boy of many facial expressions, even sideways..
And killer eyelashes to go with those baby blues!
Eleanor amazes me at her ability to navigate on the computer. She uses a free web browser called Kidzui, which is so user-friendly, but she catches on so quickly! She can even use the touch pad instead of the mouse now. I love to watch her learn and grow.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Bonding Time

So far, Eleanor and Emerson love to be around each other! Eleanor even shared her Princess & the Frog pillow with Emerson for some cuddle time
She also cooks him something yummy in her kitchen while he supervises
Eleanor loves to join Emerson on his activity mat and give him hugs
Not sure what she was telling him, but I see a future of teamwork!
Most cuddling takes place in our bed, as Emerson is good at leaning against the pillows
I love my smiling, happy, beautiful children!!
I think they will be best friends forever
Eleanor is teaching Emerson to join her in one of her favorite activities- watching some TV
I feel so blessed to have two children that care about each other so much!