Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Introducing... new cousin, Landon Douglas Pettis, born Feb. 26! We are heading up to Baltimore for my Spring Break to meet him so I will have more pictures to share when we get back. Isn't he cute?!

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Curious George Live!

One of my most favorite people, Georgie, came to Bojangles Coliseum in Charlotte and I was lucky to go see him! It was a girl's outing with Mommy, Ms. Emily & Ayla, and Ms. Helena & Chloe.

Here we are ready to go inside and being very good holding hands
We can barely contain our excitement to see Georgie on stage!
Even my red-shirt Georgie came along to see the show- we had great seats!
What an amazing stage!
It was very magical and enjoyable
All of his friends came along for the show
I got a cool Georgie toy that spins and lights up (thanks, Mommy)
I started to get a little tired near the end of the show, waiting to see what would happen next
But, I perked up again to get my picture taken with my favorite monkey!
Mommy wanted her picture with Georgie too.
Ayla, me & Chloe will never forget how much fun we had at Curious George Live!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Is it March already?!

Where does the time go?? I guess when you are busy like we are, it flies by! Mommy and I enjoy being busy, but sometimes Daddy makes us slow down and smell the flowers. Our recent adventures took us to Texas to visit MaGa & Grandpa Gette, plus Mommy & Daddy went to the wedding of Doug & Christina York, one of Mommy's bridesmaids. I am a good traveler and enjoyed napping the entire plane ride there. It's easier now that I get my own seat.

Here is the happy couple for their first dance
Mommy, Christina aka beautiful bride & Pia- old (not old, just a long time ago) friends from high school
While they were at the wedding, I enjoyed Thomas at the Grapevine Railroad Museum- Aunt Leanna took me for a ride on Thomas!! Sorry no pictures to share, since Mommy & Daddy missed it. I needed a good bubble bath after all the playtime:
It's fun to goof off with George!
We ate dinner at Freebirds (best burritos ever!) and saw Mommy's friend, Laura, with new baby Jackson- isn't he adorable?! I wanted to play with his toys with him, but he's still too little. He did smile at me though!
Then, I went to the Fort Worth Museum of Science and History to check out their new special children's area. George came along (of course) and he needed to get a shot at the hospital
I practiced my balancing skills (although I kept one foot on the ground here) which are usually great on curbs!
I went grocery shopping all by myself
Aunt Leanna helped me check-out since it was a little more complicated
I got lots of hugs from Aunt Leanna! Thanks for taking the day off from school to join us!
We were reading all about the trolley system in Fort Worth
And then I "rode" a trolley with Grandpa! (Actually, the background just moved, but it was still cool.)
Back at the hospital, "Doctor" Eleanor washed up for some procedures on George.
George helped me drive the ambulance too!
And lastly, Aunt Leanna saved me from the giant alligator's mouth!!