Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Sand is funny!

One of my favorite outdoor activities is to play on my sand & water table (from MaGa & Grandpa Gette- Thanks again!!). I am not sure if Mommy mentioned it before but the sand & water do not stay on separate sides- it just works better that way, especially when building castles in it. I love the way the sand feels in between my fingers!
And it's fun to let it go!
Being silly & sticking out my tongue is just the kind of girl I am
I can also put on a big smile for Mommy when requested
Proud to show off our sandcastle!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Belated Birthday Celebration

Just over a month later, we finally celebrated my 3rd birthday with a small gathering at home. I asked and received my CARS birthday cake, which I was so excited to see with Lighting McQueen & Mater (thanks to Mommy's work friend at Taste a Piece Bakery for the delicious cake)

Thanks also to our friends, Emma & Mary Claire, plus their Mommy Sarah & Daddy Allen, for letting us borrow an awesome bounce house with balls. Kaitlyn, Ellery & I were having so much fun jumping & throwing the balls over the open top!
Thanks to Mommy's friend, Emily for giving us this great castle too- that is my friend, Bela hiding in the tower
Another big thanks to Mommy's friend, Heather & her daughter, Julia, for bringing over their cool bounce & slide too!
We were very happy to play and jump!
Time to take a break for hot dogs- Kaitlyn & her Mommy, Kim, shared a blanket with me
I ate more cheetos than hot dog!
It's time for cake, Daddy, and to say "Cheese!"
Mommy's kisses squish my face
Mommy & I enjoyed waiting for Daddy to light my candle
Thanks to Daddy for giving me a lift and help to blow it out!
It's nice when you can get all three of us looking at the camera, except Mommy has a funny face
Well, 2 out of 3 isn't bad, plus I was ready to eat some cake & ice cream!
The whole gang waiting patiently for their pieces (Thanks to Ellery's daddy, James, for taking the great pictures)
After everyone left, I opened my presents & boy, was I excited!
Check out the cool card that Kaitlyn made for me!
Could my smile be any bigger?
I have a hard time judging where to hold my new stuff for the camera
Mommy & Daddy got me this cool Thomas computer- I am really trying to figure out how to use it, but the mouse is tricky. Thanks to all my wonderful friends who celebrated my special day with me (although it was over a month later!)

Friday, May 21, 2010

End of School Performance

First of all, this is the end of my first full year of preschool and I have had an amazing time. Thanks to my wonderful teachers, Mrs. Amy & Mrs. Susan, for their love, guidance & creativity over the year. I have become a better person for all I have experienced at St. John's preschool. Mommy & Daddy are so proud of me! Here's the answers I gave on my end of year certificate regarding the progress I made & what I did this year:
I have learned many things My favorite subject was: Cars
I will try even harder in: Color next year
I have made new friends. Friends are important to me because: I have fun with Kaitlyn & Laila
I tried to be a good friend by: Playing with them
I learned new responsibilities. I learned to: Eat fruit
I am ready to become more responsible at home, too. I would like to: Eat (maybe these questions were asked before snacktime, but Mommy & Daddy hope this happens more!)
I have done my best this year. I am looking forward to a good summer. I plan to: Swimming

Before the performance, Kaitlyn and I were already looking tired.

Here's the first song we sang for our parents, however I only made it through one (I had woken up early this morning and was a little tired):

Thursday, May 20, 2010

I Love Firetrucks!

Our Mommy's group went to a fire station for a tour and I was thrilled! They have very tall ceilings in the station:
Of course, George wanted to come along too and I don't go anywhere without a snack.
Who knew a weight room was so exciting?!
The nice fireman put on his gear so we knew what they would look like if they ever came to our house.
My friend, Andrew (who is also expecting a baby brother!) and I loved posing by the truck
Plus, we got our own hats to keep (why didn't anyone tell me that mine was backwards?)
Our other friends, Julia & Lily, joined us in our happiness!
I am becoming more brave on playground equipment (to Mommy's surprise & fear!)
Here is a nice picture I took of my wonderful Mommy who took me to the fire station and the playground for a picnic!
Now, Daddy and I have our own hats! Do we look ready to be firefighters? I've been asking for a fire dog, but Mommy says no for now.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Princesses & Pirates

A princess is a very busy person, so let me share with you all that this princess has been up to in a week!
Along with Princess Kate & Princess Kaelin, I rode the train uptown to visit Imaginon, a great library in Charlotte. We had fun at the story time plus we had pizza for lunch.
Then, I took my magic wand and transformed into a true Princess to attend my friend, Anders' 3rd birthday party for Princesses & Pirates
My pirate friend, Landon, was there to help me sing happy birthday
Princess Julia and I tried to pose in a lady-like manner, but my face says otherwise
Plus, I had trouble keeping my dress down
Looking for more pirates? I spotted and captured this one at Salsarita's that night for dinner
Finding his princess, this pirate turned friendly
Once the princess dress is off, I turn back into my normal goofy self!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Fun at the Lake

With the beautiful Spring weather we have been having, it's fun to visit Winthrop Lake with friends.
My friend, Lilly, and I met when we were in our mommies' tummies and we hadn't seen each other in over 6 months! It was no problem picking up where we left off to start chasing the geese & ducks.
We also fed them some crackers and one couldn't wait for the cracker so he just took it right from my hand!
I wanted to wear the necklace that I made for Mommy at school.
Time for a snack break with Lilly's little sister, Jasmine
I was very sweet to her and Mommy hopes it's a good sign of how I will treat my baby brother!
Lilly's mommy, Sandy, got the kite flying high! Thanks for a fun picnic!