Monday, November 30, 2009

Happy Turkey day or...

...just cracker & cranberry day here! I am not interested in a lot of foods, so I keep it simple and stick with my favorites. We headed down to Conway/Myrtle Beach for the holiday and had a great, busy time. First, we went to the country house where Grand Daddy was building a tree house for his grandchildren. It's awesome because I got to help. Grand Daddy even had a hammer just my size:The trees were shedding, so I helped clean it up a little.
I even climbed the tall ladder to reach the higher nails (don't worry, Mommy was right behind me!)
Check out the work in progress!
The downstairs is perfect for cuddling!
I enjoyed exploring the woods with Grand Daddy & Samantha.
Daddy helped me drive the tractor (not really, it was parked the entire time)
These wheels are BIGGER than me!
Ready for a drive in Grand Daddy's pick-up truck (again, don't worry- it was parked the entire time too!)
I think I am a country girl :)
We stayed with Cousin Memphis as always and we had to have a picture time with all the animals.
This looks like it could be my Christmas card with my "family".
I even got to go for a ride on the tractor by myself!
Mommy was playing with black & white pictures, but it was also this dreary.
I can be your special helper, Grand Daddy...
...but I think we both need naps first.
On to Mimsi's house next for our first meal, where I played with cousin Cody (or really just told him what to do or not to do.)
Tigger went for a ride in this cool jeep!
We ended the day at Memphis' grandma's house where I had a blast on the sit & spin (of course, it was Dora) and all her other cool toys.
The day would not be complete though unless you heard my singing of "Mr. Turkey" that I learned at school for our Thanksgiving feast. (The camera batteries died on the day of the presentation, so we had to re-enact it at home.)

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Mommy's big run

On November 14th, my Mommy did an amazing thing- she ran her first 1/2 marathon (13.1 miles) and finished it in 2 hours & 8 minutes. Daddy and I are very proud of her. She trained for over 4 months! She initially got the idea to do it from her older sister, Jennifer, who is not a runner, but was going to run it with her.... until she got pregnant. We'll give her that one, but can't wait until she joins Mommy for the next one! Maybe in 2011 for Aunt Jen's big birthday :)

This is before the race started and Mommy needed some moral support
She also needed a jogging partner to warm up
My happy Mommy showing off her medal
I was happy to give her big hugs at the finish line!
I also got to hang out with Great-Grandma Azile and give her big hugs too!
Thanks to Mimsi (aka, Daddy's mom) for being there at the finish line to congratulate my Mommy. She really appreciated it. And to Grand Daddy Pope, who couldn't make the trip from Tennessee but called Mommy to wish her luck and tell her how proud he was of her. She couldn't have done it without all the support! (But, Daddy and I are still her biggest fans.)
It was great to see cousin Memphis' smiling face too!
Plus, cousin Cody is now 1 year old already! He makes Mimsi smile.
Stopping for a push-up is one of my favorite things to do, although it is quite messy.
Let's hit the road! I'm driving :)

Saturday, November 21, 2009

My recent creations

Play-doh is one of the most versatile toys I have- you can make anything you want! Here I have made an ice cream cone:
But it doesn't taste very well so don't eat this ice cream cone. (Yes, that is a wine cork that Mommy lets me use to roll out my play-doh :)
Cookie cutters also help you make great shapes out of play-doh. Here are a few of my favorite things- a star, gingerbread man, and candy cane.
Another great versatile toy is these blocks. Here I have made a museum for my animals & myself. (I wasn't feeling very well here so sorry for the sad face.)

Thursday, November 5, 2009


I wonder what I could be for Halloween- really is there any doubt about it?! Of course, I am going to be Curious George!! He is my best friend!
Can my cheese be any bigger?
See, George is on my head
Of course, Curious George would not be complete without his Man in the Yellow Hat. Thanks to Daddy for being an awesome Daddy!
To start the Halloween festivities, I got to go trick-or-treating in the Winthrop dorms.
The students were so nice and gave me lots of candy!
Then, we visited Daddy at work to see some of favorite people, including Liz and Kimberly (who is also my best babysitter!!)
"Hello? Dr. Pope's office- he's not in right now because he is being the Man in the Yellow Hat"
At school, we had a parade in our costumes- I am very good at holding onto my ring.
Little George came along for the festivities at school
This is Mommy's favorite face!
Finally, on Halloween day, we attended our friend, Campbell's Halloween party.
I had fun playing on their water table, but my Georgie costume got a little wet.
Then, I found the sand box- so much fun!
Mommy joined in the costume fun by being Professor Wiseman (see her name tag?)
Grand Daddy Pope was here too for the trick-or-treating, plus he wore yellow! I only made it to 5 houses because of the rain, but I was so good at saying thank you for the treats!
"Can I have this lollipop now, Mommy?" They are my favorite and I share my M&Ms with Grand Daddy because I don't really like them.
Two of my favorite guys and me
Since Samantha is a princess, I gave her my crown to wear.