Friday, July 29, 2011

Bath time is more fun together!

Since Emerson has reached the point of sitting up well and has outgrown his infant bath tub, it is time for a sibling bath together! Although Eleanor had to give up her bubbles and have lower bath water, she is thrilled to have a playmate in the tub.
This great big sister won't let her little brother fall down
Teething Emerson found a shark to chew on
They are so precious!!

Teddy bears drink tea

One of our favorite events of the Come See Me Festival is the Teddy Bear tea party. Last year, it rained so it was moved indoors. This year, the weather was good, just a little windy. We brought an extra bear along to donate to a child who needed it.
Tea is better with sugar! 
It tastes just right
Eleanor loves to see Big Stuff, the Winthrop Eagle
Plus, the tooth fairy was there!!
It wouldn't be a party without the Chick-fil-a cow there
Our good friend, Kaitlyn, looked so pretty in her dress 
Now that they are both 4 years old, they do a great job of looking and smiling at the camera together :)