Sunday, December 27, 2009

Christmas party at school

We had a fantastic Christmas party at my preschool, St. John's, and Mommy got to be there to enjoy it with me. Look at all the healthy stuff on my plate and guess what I am eating- a cookie.

Check out these cool gingerbread man houses that we decorated!
Mommy said that more marshmallows ended up in my mouth instead of my house
I couldn't resist the delicious taste of a candy cane either
I am definitely my Mommy's daughter with her shared love of sweets! (and yes, I have another tattoo on my hand- it's a Star Wars one)
This is Brandon, who I talk about often, and the teacher claims will be my future husband! Daddy is keeping an eye on him- Mommy thinks it's cute.
Brandon took this picture for us (with a little help from Ms. Susan)- we are pretty ladies in red!
This is what I made for Mommy & Daddy- it's a beautiful bell ornament.
My friend, Kaitlyn, and I were showing off the finished gingerbread man houses- what a fun time!

Saturday, December 26, 2009

It's a Gingerbread train!

Thanks to MaGa Gette for the cool gingerbread train- we had so much fun putting it together!OK, so far, we have a freight car with nothing in it, but it's standing upright so that's good
Now, we can add some wheels to the engine...
Look, it's the cow catcher in front! (that's what the directions said!)
Time for peppermints to make the wheels complete
And viola! It's a beautifully decorated gingerbread train! (With our additions of gingerbread men to drive and ride, plus a Christmas tree)
Now that's a lot of candy in one place!
I am so happy to finish my train! Choo-choo!

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas card photo shoot

To get the best pictures out of me, it's good to start with a sugary Christmas donut:
Let me think of the best poses for Mommy (outfit #1)
Now that I have my favorite dress on, I can give the best smile!
It has a Gingerbread Man on it, that's why it's my favorite!
Check out this cool snow globe:
Quick break for a self-portrait with Mommy- I had trouble keeping my eyes open for these
Now, the real fun begins- putting the ornaments on the tree!
This is my proud face for taking some great pictures and decorating the tree. It's almost Christmas time!

It's a Christmas tree farm...

..which is what I say whenever I see Christmas trees for sale anywhere! But we got to go to a real Christmas tree farm to pick out our own tree. Daddy and I went looking for the perfect Leyland Cypress.This post was left over from someone else's dream tree.
I was ready to cart it away or go for a ride with it!
This is it, Daddy! Now cut it down- I'll direct you.
What a gorgeous day to take a tree home!
Thanks to this snowman to show you how tall I am.
It's always nice to cuddle with Mommy in the sunset,
plus, Daddy wanted to join in the cuddle fest.
The best way to end a tree picking is with a nice roasted marshmallow.
I even let Mommy have one, although I could have eaten them all myself!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Guess who is a big girl??

That's right- me! I got a big girl bed! And what goes better on my bed than Cars bedding since I love Lightening McQueen.
I was just pretending to sleep, but check out my cool tent and frog blanket- thanks to Ikea for all the fun stuff!
Since I am a big girl now, I washed the dishes by myself..
plus, I cooked Mommy & Daddy some pizza for dinner!
Big girls must always concentrate and look hard at work. Mommy & Daddy are so proud of me, their big girl!

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Christmasville in Rock Hill

For the third year, I went to see Santa at the Old Town Bistro in downtown Rock Hill. However, it was a different Santa! So, Mommy is not going to post the pictures from the previous years since he's not the same. Mommy got in this picture because I wasn't really comfortable with this Santa holding me.
After breakfast, we headed out to the ChristmasVille festivities. Cold & wind didn't stop me from enjoying the bouncy houses.
This one was an obstacle course!
Nice and warm inside and enjoying one of my most favorite things- Gingerbread houses
This boat was the best one to me
Then, we got to ride a little train up and down Main Street- I wasn't scared as my face indicates, probably just cold.
To warm up again, we got on a trolley that gave us a great informational tour of downtown Rock Hill.
Mommy helped me see the chimpanzes that were performing here, but I was not too interested...
...instead, I wanted some pizza to finish off the day!