Friday, October 28, 2011

Fun weekend with family

Eleanor and Memphis always have a blast when they get together- it may be messy after they play, but they are so cute doing it.
I see a modeling future for both of them
It's nice to have a kids' table for dinner- it makes them look so big!
Cousin Emily got to join the adults at the big table since she is only 15 months old and a very good eater!
Cousin Sophia, at only about 3 months, is good at sleeping
Bear hugs for Grand Daddy!
Emerson loves the duck game with all the loud quacking
Eleanor climbing the Grand Daddy mountain (I wonder how old she will be when she stops doing this)
Silly girls posing with their ice cream- thanks for coming everyone! We had a wonderful time!

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Home Sweet Home

Now, this was something we did not see at all in Texas with 100+ degree temperatures. The rain was a welcome home gift that we enjoyed (and made our family in Texas jealous)
Eleanor needed to try out her new rain boots and since it was summer, a bikini to go with them :)
Emerson is an active boy who pulls up on everything and sometimes closes his fingers in those drawers- he is learning from his mistakes though!
Michael's had some great free crafts that were good to do inside when it's hot outside. This is Eleanor's Nemo fish that Mommy helped her make
We also joined the YMCA before the summer started so we could enjoy lots of time at the pool/waterpark! By the end of the summer, Eleanor was going down the slides! (The nice thing is that the lifeguard catches them at the bottom if they need it- maybe next year she won't!)
There goes the cute standing boy again!
We couldn't get one with his eyes open, but he is too cute "walking" along the couch
In order to get Eleanor to nap, we let her do it on the couch in the living room.  Hey, whatever works, right?!
Emerson is a happy, smiley boy who loves his big sister!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Catching Up

On our way back home, we were able to stop in Opelika, AL (just outside of Auburn) to see Mommy & Daddy's good friends, Laura & David Laurencio. Laura had come to visit us when Eleanor was about 18 months old and we needed to visit them because David Benjamin was already 2 years old and we had not met him yet! Isn't he cute?!
Emerson was in heaven playing with all those balls!
What a great smile David Benjamin has!
A good close-up of the cutie-pie
Can't forget about our cutie-pie too! Eleanor was a good traveller and we can't wait to take her more places!
We will need to work on her photography skills before we see these new places
Emerson found a rocking chair that was just his size
Sweet Mommy & son picture- future soccer player too
David Benjamin was not letting go of his ball
Sharing is hard at this age
I don't think David Benjamin really wanted to give the ball up but Emerson was happy to get his hands on it too! Thanks for a great visit, Laurencio family! Hope it's not another 3 years before we see you again!

Friday, October 14, 2011

Saying Good-bye is never easy

We had a wonderful time on our extended stay in Texas so it made it hard to say good-bye. The only positive was that we missed our beds at home and normal routine again. MaGa & Grandpa Gette were happy to pose with cute Emerson and Eleanor.
Everybody squeeze in a little closer!
Aunt Leanna has a very happy handful (well, a tired Emerson & a smiley Eleanor)

Aunt Leanna and Emerson are waving bye-bye together
This princess is almost out of here- thanks for the good memories, Texas!
Family picture in front of our new ride
We wish we could hold onto the hugs forever
Give that girl headphones & a movie to make 6-8 hours in the car breeze by!

Friday, October 7, 2011

Girl's Spa Afternoon

Like most girls, Eleanor was thrilled to go get her nails done at the salon- she picked out purple for her toes and pink for her fingers
They didn't have the kid-size chairs but she managed to reach her toes into the foamy warm water
Eleanor and MaGa were so happy to be sharing the pampering fun together 
Aunt Leanna and cousin Katylyn had fun figuring out the massaging chairs
They were able to prop pillows up for her & she sat very well for the painting part
Eleanor was a patient little girl while her nails dried too
Mommy, Eleanor & Katylyn showing off our pretty toes
Mommy even got the same pink as Eleanor!
Check out the cute flower on this adorable girl's thumb!

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Family Togetherness

Emerson loves kisses from his Aunt Leanna!
We were so lucky to be able to see our 2nd cousin, Leah, during our visit- she lives about 6 hours from the Dallas area now & happened to be up with her grandma, my Aunt Janice. She just turned 6 in August and she is a fun, smart, beautiful girl.
Leah and Eleanor became instant friends (eating again at a mexican restaurant here)
I must tell cousin Gretchen that Leah would make a great big sister :)
Aunt Janice knows how to do it all, talk to cousin Megan, hold Emerson and Leah in her lap, plus keep cousin Isabella well-fed- makes me tired just looking at her!
Eleanor and cousin Katylyn bonded with some games on the phone- anything to help keep the kids entertained while we eat!
My Aunt Irma got a kick out of Emerson drinking from the straw- that is a face of pure happiness holding her great nephew!
Eleanor and Daddy cuddling at Cracker Barrel
Cousin Katylyn is a great help with Emerson and he loves hanging with her
The dog was enjoying some Uncle Bobby time while Aunt Leanna & Eleanor look truly happy
Emerson really loved Kitty- he even started trying to meow like her!