Friday, February 25, 2011

Bath Time

This cutie in the towel LOVES his baths!
I think we will all enjoy it when Eleanor & Emerson can be in the same tub

We have fun with Eleanor's paint/markers in the tub

Eleanor caught in action

Silly Eleanor

I guess she is thirsty!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Our Christmas tree decorations

Since we found out that Nakia was allergic to the tree, Mommy had to put the lights on this year
Eleanor was a big helper with the ornaments this year
Time to place the star on top!
It's a very serious job to get the ornaments in the perfect place
This new reindeer is our best addition to Christmas 2010!
Not sure how he likes being a reindeer though
He looks better as Santa's little helper 
Our perfect Christmas decorations

Who's the man in the red suit?

Santa!! Eleanor was so happy to see him & tell him what she wanted- Board games, Hi-O Cherry-O & Chutes and Ladders to be exact AND a Zhu-zhu pet.
Emerson wasn't too sure what to think of him, especially because he kept tickling his feet
I think he is getting more comfortable with him
Group shot!
It is too hard to get everyone looking at the same time
Seeing Santa at another party, Eleanor just did a drive-by this time.

Friday, February 18, 2011

Christmas Tree Farm

Don't we fit right in with the gourdhead family at Penland Christmas Tree Farm? This was our third year to get our Christmas tree there and we will continue to do so! It is such a fun experience!

Eleanor knows exactly what she is looking for & tells Daddy where to go- she wanted a Cedar tree this year

"What does this tag say, Mommy?"

And here's our tree!

Too bad we couldn't take the Santa tree home with us

Time to get it ready to go home with us

She is definitely taller than last year!

Of course, we warm up by roasting some marshmallows

And eating them, of course!

I think Emerson enjoyed his first Christmas tree buying experience, although he slept through most of it

Of course, it is Daddy's job to put the tree on the car! Next, decorating time!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Don't wake the sleeping baby!

Emerson has been a good sleeper for us (well, not at night recently, but at first!) He is able to fall asleep on his own in a nice chair with his soothie and a soft blanket.
Looks comfy to me!
Now, that is one sleepy face (looks just like Eleanor's!)
He takes after his sister on this one by sleeping on the boppy
Here is our charming boy awake with his gorgeous sister!
What little boy is sporting a cool sweater and corduroy pants? 
This smiling one!