Monday, June 30, 2008

Weekend Wrap Up

No, this isn't Eleanor, but her dad. On my blog, I often posted stories about what we did on the weekend every Monday. I think I am moving my blog in a slightly different direction, one less focused on family stuff and more on essays and such, but Sarah suggested I continue to post my "Case of the Monday" posts over here. That way, our friends and family will still know what we're up to.

Friday we ate lunch at the new, happening place in Rock Hill -- Earth Fare. It's a nice grocery store with a focus on natural and organic foods. They also have a pizza station, a big deli, and a huge salad/hot food bar. Oh, and a coffee bar (Sarah won't let me forget about the coffee!). It was packed! Eleanor ate some fruit, bread, and hummus. She loves that stuff.

We then headed up to Charlotte for some shopping. I need a new desk and Eleanor needed a new sleep sack. She's also on the verge of needing a new car seat. We dropped by World Market (thanks to Erin for that suggestion) where I found a huge, nice wooden desk on clearance. Unfortunately, they didn't have any left in the store, but are supposed to call me when they get some more in. We nabbed a new sleep sack and checked out car seats at Babies R Us. We're still not sure what car seat to get next. Anyone have any suggestions?

We were all pretty tired by then, so we stopped at Olive Garden to eat on the way home. Eleanor, of course, said "Hi" to everyone that walked by and charmed customers and waitstaff alike. She also ate all the beans out of my soup. That may be her new favorite food -- beans of any sort. That night, Sarah and I watched Elizabeth (after watching The Other Boleyn Girl last week).

Saturday morning was spent doing chores around the house. I cut the grass, Sarah worked inside, and Eleanor did Eleanor stuff. That afternoon we went and swam at my cousin's house. Eleanor had a ball in her little floaty and sitting on my lap in the big floating chair. Saturday night we got a call from my brother, who said they were going to the hospital because Heidi was in labor -- 4 weeks early! We later found out she stopped the labor process after a few hours and they went home to give Eleanor's little cousin a little more time to bake.

Sunday was church and breakfast out. We're at that point where we really need groceries, but can't seem to make time to go, hence all the eating out. It's bad, I know. Eleanor fell asleep in the car right after breakfast, so Sarah and I rode around for awhile looking at houses. We are not really in the market, but are beginning to think about a next house. Plus, it's always fun to look! Sunday evening found us eating at Moes (with more beans for Eleanor). After Eleanor went to bed, Sarah and I sat on the front porch, talking until dark.

Saturday, June 28, 2008

What happened to the week?

Mommy apologizes again for being so slow in updating you on my life. I guess we've been busy going and going. This week, I got to see my Mommy's friend, Melissa and her daughter, Ainsley (plus Ainsley's daddy, Dustin). They were visiting from Texas and we had a great time playing and sharing food.I get to eat pizza now that I have 6 teeth and I think I may have more on my face than in my mouth!I love to ride in the car!
It's a great place to get some reading done. It doesn't matter that the book is upside down- I'm pretty talented.Our friends across the street invited us over to swim and I had a nice, relaxing time.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Our little Diva

Since I'm taller and can reach Mommy's jewelry box, I've started to put on her necklaces and bracelets. Thanks, Aunt Leanna, for my fashionable dress to help with my dress-up time!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Does this go with my outfit?

I may have already told you, but I LOVE hats! Especially Daddy's Boston Red Sox hat. I'm not sure if this purse matches though. Of course, I'm also still in my PJ's so I guess I'm not leaving the house like this- I was worried, Mommy!

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Look who's walking now!!

Friday the 13th in the evening- I finally let Mommy get me on video taking a few steps. Earlier in the day, I did it too quickly while she was getting the camera. Daddy told her I started with one step alone on Monday and here's how it progressed over the week.

Saturday evening- A TV commercial had my attention and I wanted to get a closer view.

Friday, June 13, 2008

A proud Daddy

Happy Father's Day, Daddy! Last year, I couldn't say your name yet, but now I say it all the time. Whenever you walk out the door to go to work, when I see you in the morning (Mommy is happy for this extra sleep!), and when you come home after a long day at work. I appreciate everything you do for me and Mommy. I hope I blow you enough kisses to last all day at work, but if not, Mommy and I can always come visit you so you can let me play in your office. Enjoy your 2nd Father's Day to the greatest Daddy in my world!

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Where have we been??

First off, Mommy apologizes for taking so long to update you on my life. She got a job on Mondays, so now Daddy and I have an entire day together! However, I do miss Mommy when she's gone. Since she wrote last, we've been to Knoxville to see Robert Earl Keen (why did he have to play past my bedtime?) and Grand Daddy Pope and Grandma Teresa plus some fun doggies! We have stayed inside a lot because it's so HOT! Mommy thought she moved out of Texas to get away from the heat, but it followed us here. So, here's the 2 weeks in review in pictures:
My friend, Joel, turned 1 on May 21, so we went to his party. We've known each other almost our entire lives! My most favorite time with him was baby yoga when we were just 5-6 months old.
Then, my Uncle Andre and Aunt Heidi came to visit so that Daddy, Andre and Grand Daddy could go rafting, while I had a girl's day with Mommy, Heidi and Harley. I can't wait to meet cousin Memphis when she comes out of Aunt Heidi's belly! We're going to have so much fun!
For Memorial Day, we went to a cook-out at my Godfather John and Amelia's house. There were more dogs there! Check out my cool chair too. Thanks to Godfather John for the beautiful bear- I like to take him places. We'll miss you two when you move to Savannah, but Mommy and Daddy said we can still drive to see them. Thank goodness!
Check out this cool hat! I think it's a little small for my enormous head, but it sure is stylish!
Daddy was singing me some Robert Earl Keen songs. We've been listening to his music since I was born and I enjoyed hearing it live!
My Grand Daddy Pope must have some big arms to be able to hold me and my cousin Ayda. I was very nice and shared my drink with Ayda.
Finally, we're headed home but with a stop at Wendy's where I enjoyed stretching my legs on the high chair. Is that OK? See everyone soon!