Sunday, September 25, 2011

Fun times with friends in Texas

It is very hard to see everyone we want to see while visiting, but we try! We met my friend from iFratelli, Eva and her 5 kiddos at The Tubes, an indoor play area at Irving Bible Church. There was also a nice coffee shop area were the kids relaxed after playing hard- Eleanor will read anything around and it looks like Niko and Miriam are paying close attention.
Leona just wanted to eat and isn't she adorable!?
We spent a wonderful Saturday night with my second family, the Morisak's- Judy watched me while my mom was giving birth to my sister so she has known me almost my entire life. She is my second mom. Tina & her lovely family hosted us all with a great pool. Roy, Matt & Cindy were enjoying the food and drinks. 
Cousin Katelyn was a great help with Emerson
Can you even see the hot dog under the toppings, Uncle Bobby??
Emerson and Uncle Bobby in another bonding session
Eleanor was even more brave in their pool as you can tell with her wet hair (unfortunately, she also had an accident where she jumped in without her arm floaties! Luckily, Daddy Nakia was quick on the draw and helped her. She was not afraid and went back in after a little hug from Mommy)
Tina's boys, Lucas, Preston & Zachary plus Mason, Matt & Cindy's son were right at home in the pool and started some fun water fights 
Emerson was almost ready to go in without holding Uncle Bobby's hand!
We really have a blast when we are together and it's just like no time has passed- Thanks, Tina, for a great time!
Aunt Leanna and Mommy had some fun swim time with Emerson
Me and my swimming cuties
I always have big kisses for my precious boy
It's hard not to love this adorable face!
Aunt Leanna and Emerson with some pat-a-cake time
The best part of the trip was also being in town when Lucas York arrived!! My great friend, Christina & Doug, are the proud parents of a precious boy born on July 14th. Emerson and I were thrilled to meet him and we had a great visit. Thanks for a nice afternoon!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Eating in Texas

One of my favorite things to do when back in the DFW area is to visit my favorite restaurants. I also tried out a few new ones this time. My belly can tell you that we ate out A LOT! I am still working hard to get back to where I was before eating in Texas :) This was my first time to Twisted Root, an awesome burger joint that has been featured on Diners, Drive-ins, & Dives. The burgers are definitely unique and delicious. Plus, the sides can't be beat. It was fun to also hear a different name called out when our order was ready- usually celebrity names, I think ours was the Disney princesses which made Eleanor happy.
Of course, a trip to Texas would not be complete without a visit to Freebirds (I think I made 3 visits in 3 weeks). Emerson must have been upset that his food was all gone, but Eleanor has a smiley face from her full tummy.
Emerson was thrilled to play "peek-a-boo" and eat at Gloria's with the Caughron family. If you can't tell, he really liked the black beans.
I think I caught Eleanor in her serious eating face. It was good food.
Another place for Emerson to enjoy black beans was On the Border- although we have them near us in Charlotte, it was perfect to hit happy hour there with my Mom after a shopping trip to Kohl's
Leanna and I did some cleaning of Mom's freezer, where we found something that you probably don't want to eat. I was impressed that she had saved these puff pastry shells for almost 12 years! Not sure they would "puff" well enough to enjoy now.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Fun in the Texas sun

Although the temperatures soared above 100 every day, we tried to get out early enough to enjoy some of the cool playgrounds. 
Aunt Leanna was volunteering with a group that does therapy with autistic children and horses. Eleanor was excited to ride with the horses- Katie took her there.
Look how much fun she had riding behind the horse!
Emerson just wanted to sleep and stay out of the sun, so Aunt Leanna wore him in the Ergo- doesn't she look ready for her own?
We met my friend, Melissa, from A&M at this sprayground in the Allen/Frisco area- Eleanor surprised me with her eagerness to get sprayed by the shooting spouts
Her girls, Amelia & Ainsley, were content to sit with Emerson and play with his toys. He is definitely a ladies' man :)
Look at her go!
Obviously, we found the best way to stay cool was to be in the water. Emerson stayed in the shade at the Southwest Park spray ground (it used to be a pool that I went to as a child all the time!)
He was not thrilled about the water spraying at him when he didn't expect it
Happy Eleanor & ready-to-go Emerson
What?! You are cold, Eleanor?! 
MaGa Gette was happy to join us in the water fun!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Aunt Leanna's house is fun!

Aunt Leanna got an iPad for her class and Eleanor got to try out some of the games on it, with a sleepy Buddy the cat looking over her shoulder
Uncle Bobby & Aunt Leanna also put a pool up for Eleanor to stay cool and have fun
Eleanor is a relaxed girl on the raft
She really loves her Aunt Leanna!
Emerson and Mommy got cool in the pool too
Check out my adorable pool buddy
Emerson enjoyed crawling on the carpet and putting anything in his mouth to soothe all those teeth coming in
Emerson and Buddy became fast friends, although Buddy tried to run away most of the time
Aunt Leanna never ran away from a hug from Emerson!
Eleanor was good and gentle with Buddy so he liked having her pet him, especially in her gorgeous dress, one of Mommy's old dance costumes
Look at all that drool!
Mommy got Eleanor an Ariel slip & slide which was a nice break from the pool
Aunt Leanna was a good sport for showing Eleanor how to do it properly, in her dress!
Uncle Bobby had a way of making Emerson laugh- I think he was also glad to have another man around (Daddy had to go back to SC for work)
Thanks to Uncle Bobby & Aunt Leanna for taking good care of the kids while Mommy got a night out with high school friends. Eleanor chose to have a movie night with popcorn, of course
It made Emerson so happy to mess up the puzzle pieces
But Eleanor put it all back together and looks ready to jump in the ocean and swim with the fishes!