Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Hanging out in the country

Staying out at Grand Daddy's in the country means swinging and hanging out- I LOVE this tire swing!
Plus, the regular swing that is just my size
I love it when Grand Daddy makes me go high
We like cuddling with Grand Daddy on the couch

Halloween Activities

We had a very busy Halloween weekend. First, the fun started at Winthrop with a Halloween festival & trick-or-treating in the dorms. I was Nemo so I asked Mommy & Daddy to be sharks. Mommy made these sharks all by herself- I was impressed.
Emerson is too cute to be a shark so he was a little pumpkin
I make Nemo look good, don't I?
Mommy & Emerson were ready to go trick-or-treating!
Watch out, there is a shark behind me! Oh, it's just Daddy.
Emerson is not sure what to think of all the costumes
This fish got to fish for goodies
See what I caught!
Then, I got to create a cool Halloween picture
I really wanted to get this kitty painted on my face & I was specific about the colors
For the weekend, we drove to Conway/Myrtle Beach to see Memphis and celebrate Great-Grandma Azile's birthday. Memphis was a cute witch & my second costume choice was a firewoman!
Proud to be a firewoman
There were yummy cupcakes at the birthday party
And spooky music to dance to
I brought along my fire dog, but he wasn't too happy in his costume. Eeyore, aka Mimsi, tried to calm him down
The birthday girl was happy to have all her great-grandchildren together: Aunt Heidi, holding Emerson, Memphis, me & Cody
Emerson was knocked out from all the excitement
Pops and Mimsi were great hosts
I thought no one was looking when I invaded the trick-or-treat pumpkin to put into my Lightning basket..
Thanks, Mommy, for being my fellow firewoman!
Memphis says "Cheese!"

Monday, November 22, 2010

Furman Homecoming

Since it is only about a 2 hour drive, we headed down to Furman University for their homecoming football game. It was my first football game!! I was worried about the noise, but it wasn't too bad.
I got my pom-pom to cheer on the Palladins
I seem to know what to do with it instantly
Mommy showed me a fun way to add some "hair" to our heads
She was not afraid to try it too (& I snapped the picture!)
Here's the picture I took of Emerson, Daddy & Dr. Edwards, who is retiring this year
Daddy and I were matching in our "diamond" sweaters
Daddy was excited to show me around the campus where he went to school. I was excited to see the ducks.
The football game was exciting, but did not end well for Furman
Our friends, Marshall & Mary Jones, shared seats with us and Mary was happy to hold baby Emerson when it got too loud and cover his ears. Thanks for a fun time!!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

I love pumpkins

My school, Macfeat, took us on a field trip to a pumpkin patch. Thanks to the Winthrop police for escorting us on the walk. This is Delaney- she is one of my best friends.
I was on the search for the perfect one- check out the white pumpkins!
What an adorable class!
I think this is the one
It's mine!
I picked this baby one for Emerson
They have all different shaped ones
I was so excited to have my cousin Mikayla join us there!
We pose very well for the camera
Giving Emerson his pumpkin, but he couldn't see it

Check out how I can write my name now!

Time for a cousins picture for Grandpa and Grandma Gette! Mikayla and I were happy to have our little brothers, Landon and Emerson join us
I love to touch my baby brother
Emerson found a perfect size pumpkin to hold him for his solo photo shoot
Not sure if he is enjoying it..
I think it's a little too bumpy for him
Not sure if a bed of pumpkins is very comfortable
But the big ones make a perfect chair!!