Thursday, April 30, 2009

Some new things I can do..

Mommy has had more time to update my blog because I've been sick with a bad eye infection. We thought it was pink eye, but a fever for 4 days over 101 made us think otherwise. On Monday, when Daddy took me to the doctor, I had to get a shot of antibiotics since it was so bad :( Now, I'm on 7 days worth of antibiotics, the fever is gone, and the eyelid is only slightly swollen. Hopefully, we're on the mend, but it's been a long week!

Here are some things I've been doing to keep busy at the house:
Sidewalk chalk is so much fun!
My hair is now long enough for pigtails!
I still like to wear my Georgie hat from my birthday & I put it on myself.
I also enjoy putting clothes on myself, which doesn't mean taking off the other ones first or putting them on the right places.
Mommy helped me get it right here- I can put my shoes on myself too! (Thanks to cousin Mikayla for all the new clothes and Dora sandals!)
My baby doll enjoys a good book and rock.
I enjoy learning about music (I'm always asking Mommy & Daddy, "What's that song about?"), so Daddy let me read about the Beach Boys myself. It's so much fun learning new things!

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Come See Me!

That is an invitation to all my friends I haven't seen in awhile, plus the name of the Rock Hill festival that just ended. Even though I've been sick (more details to come), we were able to enjoy some of the events. Here's my friend, Kate and I listening to the music at Glencairn Gardens. Glen the frog wanted to give me a hug, but I wasn't too sure of this.
The weather was perfect all week long, while we enjoyed the music everyday. We even packed our lunches and enjoyed a picnic in the park.
This band let us get up on stage and sing/dance to Old McDonald had a Farm with them! It's the start of my professional career...
I don't think I was supposed to pick this flower, but Mommy got a cute picture.
Here's my friend, Maia- her Daddy took pictures of me at this same park when I was 1 year old! She's about to be a big sister- congrats!

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

ROAD TRIP- The End..

Mikayla's house had lots of new toys to play with, but my favorite is the Thomas train. I LOVE THOMAS!
Just down the street was a fun playground with a cool house- we had a blast playing in it!
Mikayla and I share a love of stickers...
..and I learned how fun it was to put them on my face!Here's a little video to enjoy of us together:

Sunday, April 26, 2009


On to Baltimore, to see my Aunt Jen, Uncle Robert and cousin Mikayla. We had a great time playing with Mikayla's best friend, Samara and her family.

Always good to take time to rock out!

You can't say that I don't know how to multi-task!
Hats are fun to play with:
Throw some sunglasses in for double the fun:
Too much play makes for 3 tired girls:

Thursday, April 23, 2009


To my loyal blog readers, my Mommy sincerely apologizes for the delay in reporting about my life. She had good intentions to blog while we were in Baltimore visiting my cousin Mikayla, but obviously, she is WAY behind. This is only Day 1 of the road trip so stay tuned for more! We started the trip by stopping in Fairfax, VA to visit our friends, Tim, Christy, Finn and Liam. They were greats hosts and took us to see Washington, DC. I enjoyed riding a "real train" (compared to the light rail in Charlotte- I thought this one was a little dirtier than the one I am used to).
Enjoying my first push-up:
Don't forget to always stop and smell the flowers.
Helping hands are better in multiples.
Riding a carousel with Mommy- I was a little scared and VERY tired to ride the moving animals so we played it safe in a car.
Our wonderful hostess, Christy, with wild and crazy, Finn & Liam!
Talking to Daddy about our adventures (we missed you, Daddy!)
Found a nice field to run around in before getting back in the car for Baltimore. More pics to come..

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter!

I hope everyone enjoyed their glorious Easter Sunday- mine started before the sun came up when Daddy dragged me out of bed to go to 6 am mass! Actually, I am a true morning person, so it wasn't too bad.
I was so excited to find my basket from the Easter bunny!
Yum- this egg has chocolate in it..
Here's one I got to color myself with my favorite color.
And one more in blue.

Friday, April 10, 2009

I'm 2 years old today!

It's official today (actually at 10:38 pm)- I am a toddler :) Today, at preschool, I got to be the princess for the day, but in my house, this occurs everyday!
Yesterday at the park, I celebrated with Mommy's online group of mom friends. We had cupcakes and lunch- I did a good job of blowing out my candle!
But, the week-long birthday celebration really started last weekend when ALL of my family came into town! Curious George was the main feature:
There was Curious George tattoos, (thanks, Aunt Leanna, for putting them on me and all my friends!)
A Curious George book was read aloud..
George loves bunnies, so we even had bunny peeps on hand. Yummy!
It's always fun to open presents- I'm really good at opening the envelopes now, but I don't do well with reading the cards inside, so Daddy helps with that.
My favorite gift so far is the Thomas the Train set (thanks GrandDaddy Pope & Grandma Teresa) and table. I have been playing with it non-stop since I got it!
Mommy's favorite gift was the potty (Thanks Aunt Jen, Uncle Robert & cousin Mikayla), especially since I've already peed in it 5 times in 2 days!!
Is this an excited face or what?!

This is just a very small amount of pictures from my fun weekend- Mommy will need to make 2 posts to share her favorites. We mainly wanted to thanks Grandpa and Grandma (Ma-Ga) Gette, Aunt Leanna, Aunt Jen and cousin Mikayla for taking airplanes to get here. We are truly blessed to have such wonderful, loving, amazing family. Also, thanks to GrandDaddy Pope and Grandma Teresa, Great-Grandma Azile, Mimsi, Auntie L, cousin Cody, Aunt Heidi, Uncle Andre & cousin Memphis for taking their cars on a road trip to get here. It wouldn't have been a party without everyone here! Thanks to the Bryson's also who only have to drive across town to get here, but we appreciate the effort :) More pics to come...

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Portrait Innovations

This past Sunday, we went to Portrait Innovations for some family pictures. We also wanted to get some for my 2nd birthday. It was hard at first, but the photographer made me laugh with a kitty and got some good smiles.
It was nice to see my cousin Mikayla and take pictures in our matching dresses from Aunt Leanna.
Here's our first professional family picture- I think we're a good-looking family!
Of course, we love our Grandpa and Grandma (Ma-Ga) Gette!
The entire family picture, except we were missing Uncle Robert and Uncle Bobby (don't worry guys, we're going to figure out how to photoshop you two into one of the shots!)
Just the ladies: