Friday, November 25, 2011

What?! Another party?

It's his birthday party so he can sit on the table if he wants to- Grandma Teresa will make sure he doesn't fall off
A little muffin snack prior to another birthday cupcake
2-month-old cousin Ryder made it for the party!!
The cute girls have their own table- cousin Memphis & neighbor Campbell with Eleanor
It looks like they are all ready for the cupcakes!
Checking out the flame...
and scared to tears of it!
Emerson was easily consoled by the cupcake
Neighbor Maggie loved the cupcake too
Ryder wishes he could have some!
Apparently, all the kids make too much noise for Emerson
I can see that they are related- love our boys!
Emerson had to be protective of his gifts by climbing on top of them
"It's his party and he can cry if he wants to"
Thanks Aunt Heidi, Uncle Andre, cousins Memphis & Ryder for making it to celebrate Emerson's special day! It will be Ryder's turn in no time!
Our great friends, Laura & Rich, also Emerson's godfather, made the longer trip with their son, Owen, and we were so happy to have them!
Once Owen woke up, he got to enjoy the party! He is a sweet little boy and we look forward to a great friendship for Emerson!
The birthday boy got a solo picture with Mommy & Daddy (because big sister, Eleanor didn't feel like taking a picture)
Thanks Grandma Teresa & Grand Daddy Pope for making the party as well! We wish we could see you more often- Grandma Teresa wants to teach the kids so much!

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